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Non Harsh Dog Training in Tucson AZ

Are you frustrated with your dog or maybe even embarrassed at times?
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Our Tucson dog training company specializes in bringing you the highest level of service. Our system is all natural, simple and works fast.

If you are reading this, it’s most likely you’re in need of some help from a Tucson Dog Trainer or maybe Puppy Training. I service Tucson &  surrounding areas.

We train “any age” “any breed” “any issue” – dog training in Tucson  -Our dog friendly training methods teach you how to become your dogs true pack leader without the use of pain or fear. We never use shock collars, choke chains or pinch collars.

We build on your dogs natural instinct to please his/her pack leader. Our Dog Trainers in Tucson methods are effective with any dog or puppy teach you to build on The Bond, The Trust and Mutual Respect. We come to you! Call and ask about our “Life of the dog Support” as well as other training packages we have available for dog training in Tucson.

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Our highly successful program has over 20 years of proven track record, Our canine friendly non harsh (no pain) dog training methods leverage the same body language, voice tone and other proven methods that dogs follow naturally as part of their pack mentality. This will allow your dog to learn quicker without the use of shock collars, while never creating pain or fear to your dog. Our all-natural Tucson dog training methods are effective with any dog, any age including puppies. We will teach you to communicate with your dog or puppy in a way they truly understand.  Our method always takes into account your dogs temperament as well as your personality. We custom fit your training package so you can succeed, our training packages are never one size fits all dog training.

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